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Leanne Hepburn

Marine biologist

Marine biology has been a subject that excited me since I was really young and refused to come out of the sea when we went on beach trips!

After studying it for 4 years I decided I needed to get out and actually see what it was all about, I took part in a volunteer reef survey in Fiji for 3 months and I was hooked! It was like a different world under the water with some of the worlds most pristine reefs.

I decided to do my own study out there and recruited volunteers to dive with me whenever possible. The data I collected on reef diversity I later made into my honours project for my degree.

Since then I have led reef surveys in Belize and Mexico and love working with volunteers, it encourages me to see other people discovering whats under the water and more importantly how to look after it!

After all, if you're going to be diving you'll enjoy it all the more if you know whats going on around you and watch nature at its best while understanding it too..............anyway, thats all from me,

hope to see you in Sharm!

Reef Check with Leanne:
2001: September at Sinai Divers, Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt

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Aktuelle Seite: Home Wissenschaftler:innen Leanne Hepburn