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Reef Check Eco Diver Course

Once again, Stephan Moldzio (Reef Check e.V., Germany) conducted Reef Check trainings in Marsa Shagara (Egypt). Stephan has been cooperating with Red Sea Diving Safari, who have sponsored Reef Check trainings and surveys for several years. Three courses were conducted last June: Discover Reef Check with rangers of the National Parks, a Training of Trainers and an Ecodiver course with Volonteers. Great Job Stephan and RSDS! 

Stephan Moldzio (Reef Check e.V.) hat dieses Jahr wieder Reef Check Kurse in Marsa Shagara, Ägypten durchgeführt. Seit vielen Jahren führt Stephan, in Zusammenarbeit mit Red Sea Diving Safari und Reef Check Ägypten, Reef Check Kurse und Surveys mit Volontären durch. Dieses Jahr hat er gleich drei Trainingskurse durchgeführt: ein Discover Reef Check mit Rangern des National Parks, ein Training of Trainers Kurs und ein Reef Check Ecodiver Kurs. Klasse Stephan und RSDS!

More info at the RSDS site

junior rangers of the „National Parks of Egypt

Congratulations to the 6 junior rangers of the „National Parks of Egypt“.

Abdelrazik, Alaa, Ahmed, Hamed, Mohamed successfully completed the Discover Reef Check course. Professor Mohamed Kotb, founder of Reef Check Egypt has trained employees of the National Parks in Reef Check methodology. This course, however, was the first time that a Reef Check training for the National Parks was fully conducted and sponsored by the private sector. Red Sea Diving Safari will continue to support regular Reef Check trainings and surveys with the oarks. Thank you RSDS! 

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an die 6 Junior Ranger der „National Parks of Egypt“. Abdelrazik, Alaa, Ahmed, Hamed, Mohamed wurden in Discover Reef Check ausgebildet. 
Professor Mohamed Kotb, Begründer von Reef Check Ägypten, bildet seit Jahren Ranger der National Parks of Egypt aus. Doch dieses ist das erste Mal, dass ein solches Training von einer Tauchbasis voll gesponsort und unterstützt wurde. Red Sea Diving Safari will auch in kommenden Jahren regelmässige Trainings und surveys mit Angestellten der Parks durchführen. Danke an RSDS!

Reef Check Deutschland Vorstand Moshira Hassan zum Thema Korallenriffe und Klimawandel in der Kindersendung "1, 2 oder 3" - Reif für die Insel: 
nächster Sendetermin: 
So 02.9.2012, KiKa, 17:35 - 18:00 Uhr

oder als Online-Video (ab Minute 16):

5 reef_check_elphinstone_062k_c_Slavek_Vorisek_400

Elphinstone Reef, Ägypten: Schaden an einer Koralle durch Stahltrosse eines Safaribootes, beobachtet durch das Reef Check Team in Marsa Shagra

Photo: ©Slavek Vorisek

update to our question on lesions on Millepora:

We have posted the question and pictures below to "coral-list", a coral expert discussion group. You can follow the threat at the Coral-List Archives

Here is a REPLY from BRUCE CARLSON Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!:

Stephan Moldzio's question regarding the round bare patches on Millepora prompted a reply from me that I believed they were made by the spotted coral blenny, Exallias brevis.  That in turn led to several people writing directly to me for more information.  Since this fish is not well known, and since I have never published my data and photos (but I intend to!), I thought that it would at least be worthwhile to post some images of this fish on YouTube.  Every coral biologist working in the IP region should recognize the feeding scars that this fish can make.  I have a suspicion that some reports of disease or spotty bleaching may in fact simply be feeding scars from Exallias.

Here is the link:



Also from the Caribbean similar marks have been reported: (photos from Rosa Rodriguez-Martinez from Puerto Morelos reef ):

Millepora complanata Sep04 R Rodriguez-Martinez

Millepora complanata circular lesion 2004 from R Rodriguez-Martinez

Original post March 14, 2012:

Recently we have noticed circular spots on Millepora in the Egyptian Red Sea as seen in the pictures below. 
If you have seen similar phenomena on Millepora, or if you have an explanation about the cause, we would appreciate if you drop a message to Stephan Moldzio at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Thank you for your help!

photos: Stephan Moldzio

depth: 5 - 8m,

location: Red Sea, Egypt, Marsa Shagra south 

Picture 1:

Anomaly-disease Millepora (c)Stephan Moldzio

Picture 2

Anomaly-disease Millepora (c)Stephan Moldzio

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